Answers from RideTech

Here are some of the answers we’ve been waiting for from RideTech:


Weight Comparison to stock suspension?

Weight is about a wash, our sway bars are heavier (assuming you have a  rear sway bar),  our rear trailing arms are heavier, but the coilovers are considerable lighter than the stock shocks an springs.    I tossed the main components in excel, attached.    I didn’t weight every single part, just the ones that I thought might make a difference.


-How much real world testing has been done?

We have a  C2 here that we have been beating on for several months.   Have tested with several spring rates and sway bar rates.    I have two local customer that have C3 that have kits installed on as well.

Many of the principals and designs features that were used on this particular application we have been using on several other applications for  many years.    As you have likely seen with some of our past projects we do not lack real world testing (ie… we beat the snot our of our test cars).   The 65 hasn’t been to a public race yet, we were hoping to take it to Indy GoodGuys show this weekend for it’s debut, but the wheels and tires didn’t get here in time.   Stay tuned.


-Installed Pictures?

See below….


-What are the spring rates?

Right now on our 65 we have 575’s on the front and 325’s on the rear.  These rates give a pretty firm feel, but still offer a good ride quality.   If a guy is after the absolute best pillow like ride quality we can drop the rates down a tick.   If it’s an all our road coarse autocross car, then we can bump them a little higher.    Sky is the limit tho, we have tons of spring rates available.


-Can you buy the tall spindles separate?

The spindle is the same one we use in our “A” body and “F” body kit, so yes theoretically it is available, but on this application it will not work with the rest of our front components.   However, if the customer just wants the front or just wants the rear, we can do that, those kits will be on the site shortly.


c2-c3-tru-turn-driver-side-arms-no-centerlink-1200 c2-c3-trailing-arm-rightside-1200 c2-c3-trailing-arm-inside-driver-rear-1200 (1) c2-c3-rear-sway-bar-end-1200 c2-c3-rear-coilover-kit-1200 20140606_112730 20140606_112611 20140606_112509 20140606_112414 20140606_112354 DSC03912