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1963-1979 C2 / C3 Corvette – RideTech Coil-Over System – Level 2


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The RideTech coil-over package includes everything you need to completely upgrade your existing suspension. The package contains front TruTurn System, a rear StrongArm System, and four single adjustable coil-overs,  one for every corner of your vehicle. The benefit of buying a complete suspension system is that it takes out all of the guess work when purchasing a new suspension. RideTech has spent numerous hours collecting data to find a perfect spring rate and components for your vehicle’s performance and ride quality.


Coil-Over Features

RideTech continues to offer today’s hot rodders the ultimate in ride quality, handling performance, technical support, and now, SIMPLICITY, with the new coilover suspension components.
  • Anodized finish protects against corrosion
  • Available as fixed valve or rebound single adjustable
  • CNC machined billet hardware
  • Unique pinch clamp height adjuster uses finer thread for easy adjustment
  • Includes 1/2″ bore x 1″ kevlar lined bearings for noise free operation

RideTech 2 1/2″ coil over springs

built in Indiana by HyperCo:

High tensile premium steel CNC cold wound, less weight, more resistant to bowing, increased travel with durable powered coated finish

  • Monotube gas pressure design offers superior fade free performance
  • Impact forged aluminum body provides superior strength and reliable service
  • Larger 1.834″ piston provides outstanding ride quality
  • Double sealed rod guide with dust cover eliminates oil leakage
  • 5/8″ chrome shock shaft

RideTech Aluminum MonoTube Shocks

Great Performance

Mono-tube construction sets this coil-over shock apart – it means consistent performance and great ride quality


TruTurn Features

The New Corvette system offers many advantages over the OEM suspension system… The engineers have put their heart and soul into fabricating a complete suspension design that is a direct bolt in to the c2 and c3 corvettes. Up front the task was to increase camber gain and minimize bump steer.

By utilizing the Ridetech “tall drop” spindle and tubular StrongArm control arms with Delrin bushings the ride height was lowered two inches, camber gain was increased to match the requirements of modern tires, the ball joints were updated to a modern style and relocated for increased caster and the correct angle for the lower stance, while the self lubricating Delrin bushings keep things where they should be without required maintenance.


The TruTurn system reduces bumpsteer to under 0.060” and increases steering response by relocating the inner tie rods and replacing the outer tie rods with Teflon lined heim joints.  New billet aluminum steering arms are supplied that correct the ackerman which results in a vehicle with amazing turn in and steering feel.

StrongArm tubular control arms not only improve suspension geometry and handling, they also make installation even easier. The added benefit when replacing control arms is new bushings and ball joints. No more worn out components.

  1. Optimized ball joint angle… 
    to ensure no binding during extreme suspension travel
  2. Black powdercoated…
    for lasting appearance and protection
  3. Installed Ball Joints 
    for simple installation
  4. .219″ wall DOM tubing…
    for lasting strength and reliability
  5. Shock mounts swaybar mounts, steering stops are built in…
    no fabrication needed
  1. Proper Coil-Over placement…
    component mounts are designed in, not an afterthought
  2. Proper ball joint selection…
    we use a compression ball joint in a compression application and a tension ball joint in a tension application (just like the factory engineered it) to prevent failures
  3. Optimized arm length…
    makes proper wheel alignment a breeze
  4. Jig welded…
    every part is built right, every time


Spindle Features



RideTech (tall) spindles – It is called a TALL Spindle because the upper ball joint is raised 1-1/2″. Different from the factory design, it yields a better camber change during suspension movement. Pivot points are determined by the ball joints on the spindles and bushing locations on the frame, not the control arms. These spindles are STEEL, the strongest ones in the industry.


Rear Features


RideTech C2/C3 Rear StrongArm System



The rear suspension system utilizes an offset trailing arm with a “trussed” design which allows maximum tire width while providing the utmost in strength.  The rear trailing arm is outfitted with a rubber bushing in the standard configuration to mitigate NVH, while a bearing option is offered that provides the maximum in handling performance.  When combined with the tubular rear cross member the trailing arms place the coil overs to the rear of the axle for better motion ratio and damping control while providing additional height adjustment via the movable lower coil over mounts. The new strut rods utilize Teflon lined heim joints which are repositioned on the axle end  to maximize suspension geometry and provide adjustability without needing to be removed..

• Lowers vehicle ride height
• Mounting hardware to maintain ground & tire clearance, driveline angles, and load capacities
• Bolt-on installation (no fabrication required)
• Greatly improved handling performance
• Ultimate ride quality.

Handling Quality Shock Series Features


The Handling Quality (“HQ”) series features adjustable shock valving. It is housed in a lightweight aluminum impact forged construction that is available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit a large variety of applications.

The single adjustment knob controls primarily the rebound force of the shock giving the driver plenty of control to dial in their performance at an economical price point. A RideTech single adjustable shock will provide enough adjustment for the majority of car builders.


  • Aluminum impact forged construction allows leak free operation
  • Single rebound shock valving adjustment
  • Available in a wide range of stroke lengths, and mounting styles to fit large variety of applications
  • Monotube design for superior oil control
  • Easy & precise valve adjustment with 26 rebound clicks


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