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Many improvements are possible on GM’s original suspension design for the C2 and C3 Corvette. Speed Direct has re-engineered a basic rear suspension element on this great car. In taking cues from the racing segment, we have developed a coil over solution that replaces the original transverse leaf spring. Our design incorporates a rocker arm coupled to the existing trailing arm through spherical joints. The rocker arm incorporates an advanced composite Teflon bearing that is extremely rugged requiring no lubrication over its lifetime. On the other end of the rocker is a coil-over shock assembly in which the owner can adjust both shock valving and ride height. This allows maximum flexibility in custom settings to tune the handling balance to the driver’s preference.

This unique kit provides a significant improvement over the stock leaf spring and gives the adjustability that you are looking for. With the Shark Bite rear coil over suspension kit, the rear suspension is truly independent – no connection between the left and right side of the car, In addition, this product is completely bolt on! In addition, this product is completely bolt on! We know many Corvette owners want to keep the option to return to stock, yet want to be able to take advantage of something as revolutionary as Shark Bite technology. Kits work with many aftermarket components like offset trailing arms.

* Shark Bite™ Rear Coil Over Suspension offers truly independent suspension – no more coupling from left to right, which you get from the factory multi-leaf or aftermarket monoleaf spring. It makes a C2/C3 a true IRS.
* Shark Bite™ kits offer adjustable ride height in minutes while on the vehicle.
* There are a variety of spring rates available which can be changed out in a few minutes.
* With Shark Bite™ kits you can change your springs in less than 20 minutes – easy access and quick release pins allow for rapid spring changes for on the road or on the track.
* Lighter weight – Shark Bite™ kits weigh less than the factory spring.
* Shark Bite™ kits load the same location on the vehicle as the factory spring loads.
* Race inspired rocker arm design.
* Shark Bite™ kits are a Bolt-On installation -absolutely no welding, cutting or drilling. It installs with basic hand tools in approximately 3 hours.
* Shark Bite™ kits offer adjustable shock valving so you can tune the ride to exactly the way you like it.
* Works with factory exhaust and with factory spare tire.
* Highly visible -looks incredible!

Shark Bite™ kits are a complete package: They provide performance and they just look awesome!


Single Adjustable: $ CALL FOR PRICING

Double Adjustable: $ CALL FOR PRICING


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