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These rear flares match the contour of the stock front fenders and allow you to run a much wider tire in the rear without having to go with the extreme front and rear flares.  They are your best bang for your buck!

These things hug your wheels and flow naturally with the curves of your C3.  Big thing on these flares…when you buy flares, you generally get just the flare.  Our flares come as the whole quarter panel!  What people don’t understand is how long it takes to correctly attach the flare and how many hours are involved with smoothing and blending the flares.  Our flares have a truly round,  tire hugging opening, no flat spots!  They also have the transitions built in on the bottoms that usually have to be hand fabricated.   All you have to do is attach at the bonding strips…that is the easiest spot to do the blending because there are no compound curves.  The investment in time that you or your body man will save, will pay for the flares alone!!

These flared fenders allow you to be able to run up to a 11″ wheel in the rear!!






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