Corvette High Downforce Carbon Kit ‘97-04 C5


Increase downforce by 296% vs OEM!

Nine Lives Racing high down-force kit for C5 Corvette. Are you looking For the Absolute best? how about the biggest wing and a splitter Bilt to match? A perfect symphony in balanced aero. An all-in-one aerodynamic kit, just bolt it on and know a team of motorsports engineers has set up your aero.  All of this for less than the price lower than you might expect.

This is the High down-force kit, the Medium down-force kit can be found here:

Kit Overview
  • Big Aero balance set for you
  • Fully CFD verified 
  • Weight and aero loads in perfect harmony
  • Minimal drag to maximize your horsepower 
  • Set up notes from Morlind Engineering included
  • Morlind Engineering carbon-fiber splitter ramps
  • Corvette air-dam
  • 74″ Corvette chassis mount Carbon-Fiber Megga Wáng kit
  • Sturdy Boii Splitter mounts/radiator ducting

Upgrade / Add-ons splitter material 

  • Rocket Nose Splitter, a poly infused birch and a cost-effective splitter that will with-stand the elements.
  • Tegris, just like a very popular racing series that-only-turns-left uses. Tegris is a woven plastic splitter that makes very little drag when it slides on the ground. It also resembles a carbon fiber look with 1/2 the price.  (Lead times can be in excess of 3 months)
  • Carbon, you’re mad if you want this. Yes, it’s light, but it’s expensive as all get out. You really wanna smash this thing?

Warranty/ Returns/Lead times

Wang/ Megga wings are covered by Wang guarantee (read more here:  Splitters, Sturdy Bois, and air dams based upon the nature of the use (and proximity to the earth) carry no warranty and are non-refundable. 
Lead times are seasonal. Lead times can be as low as 2 weeks during the off-season and can extend 4 weeks + during the racing season. Please email/message us for a more accurate lead time estimation. 


Carbon End-Plats:

  • Basic Carbon end-plates 8″x12″
  • MEGGA Carbon end-plates 12″x12″ – add $185.00
  • CFD Carbon end-plates 10.5″x12″ – add $220.00

Splitter Sturdy Boi Mounts – add $307.80

Splitter Material:

  • DiY Paper Template – add $10.00
  • Rocket Nose coated Birch – add $702.00
  • Tegris (3 month lead-time) – add $2,500.00
  • Carbon Fiber – add $3,000.00

Splitter Ramps:

  • Carbon Fiber Ramps – add $445.00
  • Plastic Ramps – add $194.99

Carbon Wang Width:

  • 71″ Standard Body C5
  • 74″ Wide Body C5 – add $130.00

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