Corvette Sturdy Boii Splitter & Accessories C6 & Zo6 ‘05- 13



05-2013 Corvette Splitter mounts! Based on the wildly successful Splitter mounts for the C5, we have taken what was loved and built some just for your American powah.
These fit all c6 corvettes.

Sturdy Boiis are radiator ducting AND splitter mounts all in one. 

What’s included

  • Model-specific primary mounts
  • Adjustable side mounts
  • Necessary hardware (bolts, rivnuts, t-nuts, etc.)
  • Paper drilling template
  • Paper splitter template
  • Horn relocation bracket
You will need a riv-nut tool for installation. 

The Details
  • More Downforce = Faster = Lower lap times.
  • Crafted from aluminum.
  • Replacement parts are ambidextrous for easy spares.
  • Replacement parts are available for purchase.
  • Stress risers for emergency break away to prevent frame damage. 
  • If contact occurs, mounts will snap before damaging your frame.


Splitter Material:

  • Rocket Nose Birch
  • Tegris (3+ month lead-time) – add $1,798.00
  • Carbon Fiber – add $2,298.00

Sturdy Boii Splitter Mounts – add $275.00

Splitter Ramps:

  • Carbon Fiber – add $445.00
  • High Strength Plastic – add $194.99


Pre-orders expect 2-3 weeks for shipping after that in-stock orders will ship weekly.

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