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ISIS™ 3-CELL Starter Kit


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Typical wiring harnesses can take up to 40 hours to install, with the new ISIS Intelligent Multiplexed Electrical System you can cut that time in half. Plus you don’t have to have any sort of experience working with electrical systems to get it done. Just plug in the power cables, hook them up to your loads and the system tests itself to make sure everything is working.

If you have any problems just call our application engineering team to solve your problem by trouble shooting your system and walking you through the installation process step by step to make sure that you’ve got everything properly installed.

On top of ease of installation, race enthusiast will love the weight savings gained using our system. Less weight means more speed, less fuel consumption and improved handling. Who wouldn’t want that?

Tuners and restorers will love the flexibility of the system. Whether you choose to replace your current electrical system or lay an ISIS kit over an existing system, you can program up to 20 circuits to control any electrical function.


Kit Includes

  • 1—ISIS MASTERCELL™ input unit
  • 2—ISIS POWERCELL™ control unit with 10 outputs each
  • 1—Input harness with sealed connector
  • 4—Output harnesses with sealed connectors
  • 1—ISIS Y-CAN cable with sealed connectors on ends
  • 4—Power Input cables
  • 2—Dummy power connector
  • 1—Dummy input connector
  • 1—Dummy ISIS CAN connector
  • 1—CAN Terminal Resistor
  • 1—Bag of Assorted Fuses
  • 1—Set of Crimp Terminals
  • 1—Four Fuse MEGA® fuse kit for battery protection
  • 1—Ring terminals for use with MEGA® fuse kit
  • 1—Battery connector wire
  • Installation Guide


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