The Rocket Booster Modern Muscle wheel is specifically designed for fitment of modern muscle vehicles such as the new model ’09-up Challenger, ’05-up Charger, ’94-up Mustang and ’93-up Camaro. The “NEW” sizes for Modern Muscle are the 18×9, 18×10, 20×9, 20×10.

The new Rocket Booster Wheels are precision-crafted from A356 aluminum and customers can choose from Hyper Shot, Gloss Black and Chrome finishes. The Modern Muscle Rocket Booster is compatible with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. The Modern Muscle Booster wheels are hub centric and vehicle specific hub rings(sold separately).

MM-R14-89652018×9 Chrome Booster, 94-04 Mustang, 20mm offset$385.00
MM-R14-89653018×9 Chrome Booster, 05-up Mustang, 30mm offset$385.00
MM-R14-89613518×9 Chrome Booster, 1993-2002 Camaro, 35mm offset$385.00
MMR-14-89662018×9 Chrome Booster, 09-up Challenger/Charger, 20mm offset$385.00
MM-R14-81654018×10 Chrome Booster, 05-up Mustang, (rear), 40mm offset$390.00
MM-R14-81613518×10 Chrome Booster, ’93-’02 Camaro, (rear), 35mm offset$390.00
MMR-14-81652518×10 Chrome Booster, 94-04 Mustang, (rear), 25mm offset$390.00
MM-R14-29653020×9 Chrome Booster, 05-up Mustang, 30mm offset$415.00
MM-R14-29662020×9 Chrome Booster, 09-up Challenger/Charger, 20mm offset$415.00
MM-R14-29613520×9 Chrome Booster, ’93-’02 Camaro, 35mm offset$415.00
MM-R14-29612020×9 Chrome Booster, 2010-up Camaro, 20mm offset$415.00
MM-R14-21654020×10 Chrome Booster, 05-up Mustang, (rear), 40mm offset$420.00
MM-R14-21662420×10 Chrome Booster, 09-up Challenger/Charger (rear), 24mm offset$420.00
MM-R14-21613520×10 Chrome Booster, ’93-’02 Camaro, (rear), 35mm offset$420.00
MM-R14-21613020×10 Chrome Booster, 2010-up Camaro, (rear), 30mm offset$420.00
HR786710Hub Centric Rings(Set of 4) 78mm/67.10mm for 93-02 & 2010-up Camaro$8.00
HR787050Hub Centric Rings(Set of 4) 78mm/70.50mm for 94-04 & 05-up Mustang$8.00
HR787150Hub Centric Rings(Set of 4) 78mm/71.50mm for 2009-up Challenger/Charger$8.00


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