What is TruMod you might ask? TruMod is the only customizable model specific air conditioning system on the market. No longer do you have to try and figure out a “universal street rod” system and how it will fit your pride and joy. With TruMod, you literally get the best of both worlds, giving model specific parts with the ability customize in every way. At Restomod Air, we are known for our custom a/c systems and our state of the art, totally badass controllers, and we felt it was high time that customers looking for model specific air conditioning kits deserved a reprieve from the other guys and their “universal street rod” kits of yesterday. This is the future. This is TruMod.

We created our TruMOD Custom air conditioning systems for your 1968 to 1974 Corvette. We also added new mounting features to make the installation of this custom A/C system even easier to custom mount to your Custom car. Utilizing our multi-mount system allows you to keep a perfectly smoothed out firewall. We have included over 4 different ways to mount the full sized custom A/C system. Welded options for body phase and bolted options for completed cars.

Your 1968-74 Corvette TruMOD system comes with model specific parts such as a new glovebox, defrost ducts, center vent with hose adapter, kick panel block off plate, and our exclusive bolt-in TruMOD control panel. Thats not all , your TruMOD A/C system also comes complete with specifically engineered condenser kit with drier, pressure switch, brackets, and refrigerant hoses (all of our refrigerant hose fittings come black as standard equipment) and compressor and mount. Our TruMOD air conditioning system also allows you to modify the parts that matter to your taste, such as the bulkhead plate, and vents. This kit comes standard with your choice of bulkhead plate and vents from our RA 7 collection.

24” X 8 ¾” X 10”
Hand built craftsmanship & quality
Multi-pass Inspection Process
Designed and Built in the USA!
Everything you need except refrigerant and engine pulleys (of coarse you could purchase a drive kit and not worry about pulleys!)
Evaporator Unit
Your choice of Bulkhead Plates from any of our Collections
2 GM Replacement Astro Vents
2 defrost ducts
2 heater floor dumps
electric water control valve
ECU board
all wiring harnesses
4 strap brackets for mounting
condensation drain tube
6 heater hose clamps
all needed screws, bolts, washers
15ft duct hose
TruMOD Electronic Control panel
Center Vent
Condenser, Mounting Brackets, Drier w/ Bracket, refrigerant hoses, refrigerant tubes, safety pressure switch and Orings
Compressor Bracket
installation instructions
personalized tech support
3 year warranty on all parts
jealousy from members of your car club
Upgrade to billet controls for a discounted price


Upgrade Compressor Finish
– Chrome +$100.00
– Polished +$100.00


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