Add Performance and Reliability To Your 53-62 Corvette
The SRIII frame features a round-tube design, engineered for superior strength and rigidity. The three-dimensional network of round tubing creates a space frame that resists the twisting forces applied during hard cornering and acceleration. When coupled with the 1984-up Corvette forged aluminum suspension, unsprung weight is reduced producing a softer, more controlled ride. Also, the SRIII package is hundreds of pounds lighter than the original chassis and suspension used on the 1953-62 Corvettes, adding to the upgrade benefits.
We offer the 53-62 Corvette frames in two stages of completion

Basic frame with your choice of engine and transmission mounts, ready for suspension installation.C4 front/C4 rear
Includes stage one frame plus all suspension components cleaned, reconditioned, and installed. Includes Dana 36 rear diff, four coil-over shocks, power rack-n-pinion steering, front sway bar, tubular adjustable strut rods, calipers, pads, rotors and flexible stainless brake hoses.
 C5 front/C4 rear

Advantages of the SRIII Frame
* The frames are assembled and welded on precision fixtures.
* The frame utilizes the stock body and core support mounts for ease of installation. No exterior alterations are needed. Only the inner front wheel houses must be trimmed and the spare well must be shortened by a few inches. A C-4 space savor spare will fit in the modified well.
* The SRIII frame is new, unlike the original, 40+ year old frame that may be invisibly weakened by moisture and dirt creating rust, that attacks the frame rails from the inside out.
* Stock and reduced track widths are available for a wide selection of wheel and tire combinations.
* Big block and ZR1 testing of the suspension geometry and structural design proves excellent hookup and handling.
* Now available 2″ widened full quarterpanels for 56-60 to accept a 10″ rim and keep the convertible top.


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