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Add Performance and Reliability To Your 63-82 Corvette
The SRIII frame features a round-tube design, engineered for superior strength and rigidity. The three-dimensional network of round tubing creates a space frame that resists the twisting forces applied during hard cornering and acceleration. When coupled with the 1984-up Corvette forged aluminum suspension, unsprung weight is reduced producing a softer, more controlled ride. Also, the SRIII package is hundreds of pounds lighter than the original chassis and suspension used on the 1963-82 Corvettes, adding to the upgrade benefits.
  • Designed to accept C4 – C7 front and C4 – C7 rear suspensions
  • Uses C5/C6 17-18 x 8.5″ front/rear or 18-20 x 9.5″-12″ rears with modified wheel tubs
  • No exterior body modifications
  • Stock body mounts, bumper mounts and fuel tank
  • More engine room for stock accessories
  • Removable transmission mount with 3″ exhaust capacity
  • QA1 coil-over shocks provide adjustable ride and handling

Stage One – (basic frame)………….$7,200.00

Stage Two – (with suspension, brakes, coil-overs, etc)…..14,200.00


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