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The Street & Slalom (SS) Performance Suspension System is designed for aggressive street driving and may be used for weekend autocross events.

Spring rates are slightly higher than the stock ‘F-41 Performance Option’ from GM but ride the quality better is actually better due to modern composite spring technology. Front coil spring ride height is ¾” lower than stock and the rear composite spring height is adjustable to improve overall center of gravity.

Anti-Sway Bars:
The balanced front and rear Addco™ anti-sway bar kits virtually eliminate body roll and are designed to work together for neutral steering.

Strut Rods:
VBP Adjustable Smart Struts® eliminate rear wheel camber changes greatly improving tire-to-road contact patch, keeping rear tires perpendicular to the road surface at all times.

Bilstein Sport™ shocks have a nitrogen gas charge to maintain a constant pressure on the fluid to eliminate unwanted cavitation (air bubbles forming within agitated fluid). Cavitation causes shock fade and loss of control. The modern internal valving – designed for this application – provides very quick reaction and control.


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