VN405 Custom Torq Thrust


American Racing Hot Rod

VN405 Custom Torq Thrust

Color 2- Piece Polished             

SizeCap Part NumberBolt PatternOffsetBackspacingCenter BoreLoad Rating
15″ x 4″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
15″ x 6″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
15″ x 7″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
15″ x 8″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
15″ x 9″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
15″ x 10″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
15″ x 12″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
15″ x 14″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
16″ x 5.5″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
16″ x 7″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
16″ x 8″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
16″ x 9.5″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
17″ x 7″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
17″ x 8″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
17″ x 9″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
17″ x 9.5″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
17″ x 9.5″35052935×114.3085.5683.061250 lbs
17″ x 11″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
18″ x 7″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
18″ x 8″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
18″ x 8″35052935×114.3014.5483.061700 lbs
18″ x 9.5″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
18″ x 10″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
18″ x 11″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
20″ x 8″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
20″ x 9.5″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
20″ x 10″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
20″ x 12″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs
20″ x 15″3505293Blank83.061580 lbs


Part NumberCap HardwareScrew QtyCap Wrench
350529397007653/32 hex wrench


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