Corvette differential mounts are made from chunks of rubber with 4 studs sticking out of them.  Cheap and easy to make en-masse they do their job of minimizing NVH for street driving perfectly well. Unlike the stock oil filled motor mounts, they are not prone to failure and can last seemingly forever in a street car application.  If you’re driving your Corvette to the grocery store and church, chances are you don’t need our mounts, and you can stop reading now and save some money.

However when it comes to performance driving you want to mitigate the pendulum effect of the drivetrain while flying thru turns at 1.5+Gs or accelerating like a bat out of hell on the dragstrip. In these cases you want the mounts to be as stiff as possible without inducing any more NVH to the driver than necessary. Enter our Vulcan Differential Mounts.

These parts are machined on our 5 Axis CNC from 6061-T6 aluminum.  We chose to make each part from solid aluminum rather than bending up half the mount from sheet metal like some other versions available.  This makes our solution much more rigid overall. Vibrations are dampened with an integral piece of rubber machined in the center of the assembly. The two pieces are interlocking and allowed to “float” to quell vibration and noise. However the rubber is fully captured in the design of the mount so the rubber will not be allowed to deform and extrude itself as can occur on similarly-designed mounts.

The parts feature our sunk in hex design bolts to make installation as easy and as painless as possible. All hardware is Grade 10 and yellow chromate plated and nylon locking nuts are included. Each assembly weighs 1.2lbs, which saves 1lbs each over the stock mounts.

Buy these with a pair of our Vulcan Motor Mounts and save an automatic 10% at checkout with the package!

All of the machined parts are made at our facility in New York, USA and these mounts are guaranteed for life.  If any part ever fails on them we will replace them free of charge, no questions asked.


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