sleek black corvette parked near grass

Customer Project Completed!

We’d like to give a shout out to Rob Macarthur! Β He’s completed his 1981 Corvette and it looks awesome!!!

Rob’s 1981 Corvette has the following Custom Image parts

3″ front flares

4″ rear flares

Front chrome conversion kit

Rear chrome conversion kit


Great work Rob….enjoy your ride!!!!


6 thoughts on “Customer Project Completed!”

  1. Hey Chris, I know a guy who knows a guy that can hook you up with a set of those bad@ss flares!! πŸ™‚

  2. Finishing up my 1981 corvette. Have had to raise 4″ hood now I need to have something in the rear. Looking to stagger wheels 10″ in rear 8.5″ in front. Will 2″ flares be enough for (not over the top) but wide enough for those size tires. Please contact me regarding your thoughts and pricing so I can purchase the rear fender.

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