Don’t let this happen to you!!!!!

John brought his 1982 Corvette to Custom Image to have Josh calibrate his Vintage Air to his Dakota Digital controller and to set up his Dakota Digital gauges.  There were also a few other items he wanted Josh to address.

As Josh started looking into the car, it became very apparent why John was having issues…….SLOPPY WIRING!!!

This was by far one of the worst wiring jobs we’ve ever seen!!   There were lots of loose hot wires, split insulation and nothing was soldiered and heat shrunk properly, they were merely stripped, twisted and electrical taped together.   This is not the proper way to do anything!!!  For the most part, wiring is hidden, and not something the customer can see without close inspection.  Wiring is, however,  one of the most important components of a build.  It is highly likely that had this wiring been left the way it was, there could have been an electrical fire and John could  have possibly lost his entire car.  Don’t let this happen to you!!!

After many long nights, Josh has everything all sorted out, properly installed and working as it should.  Now John is no longer at risk for blown fuses, malfunctioning components, or even worse….an electrical fire!!


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