A quick glance at what Custom Image Corvettes has been up to…

We would like to take this time to thank our valued customers and friends for their business throughout the years.  The past couple years have been extremely busy and we have experienced tremendous growth!  In that short time, the shop has gone from Josh doing almost everything solo to him now having 4 employees!  

Custom Image does everything from complete restorations, a flared resto mod, or just buttoning up and doing the final touches on a customers project.  CIC can help at any stage of the project.  

CIC is your one stop LSx swap shop!  They also offer suspension, steering, wiring & electrical, interior, brakes,  engines &  transmission packages, vintage air, gauges, wheels and replacement fiberglass.  

Here is a look at some of our projects:

1972 Corvette “Michelle”

Jeff 3 Jeff 2 Jeff 1

1976 Corvette “Brent’s Red Rum”

Brent 3 Brent 2 Brent 1

1964 Corvette

Dennis 2 Dennis 1


1969 Corvette LSx Swap

Chris 3 Chris 2 Chris 1


1970 Corvette

Eli 1 Eli 2Eli

1962 Corvette

Fred 1

1973 Corvette

Rocco 1

1976 Corvette

John 2 John 1

1963 Split Window Corvette

Robby 3 Robby 2 Robby 1

2003 Corvette “Xanax”

Zanaz 2 Zanax 1

And once in awhile we tend to veer away for the normal….just for something fun to do!

1933 Willy’s

Willy 2 Willy 1

2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

Chad 2 Chad 1


Our mechanic Jake’s 2003 Big Dog Bulldog Chopper

Jake 2 jake 1