Glassing 101…

The guys fit and glued the fenders on Robby’s 63  Corvette yesterday. Today they ground them down and prepped them for glassing. They masked the lower part of the fenders and then started glassing. They used a roller to get all of the air bubbles out and make the fiberglass have the correct contour.

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2 thoughts on “Glassing 101…”

  1. Need to pick your brain. I am pondering, weather I want to take on this project of adding the 2 inch front fenders and the 4 inch rears. My question for you is, to remove the fenders, what did you use to cut the fenders off with? Is there a natural line of the fender that you can follow? or did you trace off from the new fenders. You never want to cut off to much. The use of my plasma cutter, is not a good cutting tool, with fiberglass. So, anything you can add, please feel free, to pass it on. I am thinking Jack Daniels, might be, dangerous, then I have a convertible, that collapsing upon itself. Look I have an envelope car. My wife asked my, how long before it ready, I said, next summer.

    Thanks, Bart

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