New product release from CIC…..

CIC is happy to announce that we’ve finished our fiberglass versions of the chrome front bumpers!  They turned out phenomenal and are a great fit!  For the guy who wants a really tight fit, these are perfect.  You can trim and shorten them until your heart is content.  If you happen to make a mistake, well, they are made of fiberglass, so it’s an easy fix!

These are a great option for the guys that are doing our front chrome bumper conversion.  At only $450, this will save you roughly 50% of the cost of the reinforcing steel and chrome bumpers, making the conversion much more cost efficient.  Another savings is on weight.  Just the bumpers alone will save you 12.8 lbs!!!

Now, on to the finishes.  We are experimenting with a few options right now.  We saw a ton of vinyl wraps when we were at SEMA and they have come a very long way over the years, especially chrome and metal finishes such as aluminum and brushed stainless.  There is also a liquid chrome that can be applied and it’s every bit as good looking as actual chrome.  Another option is Hydro-dipping, there is almost an infinite selection of finishes to choose from…..yes, we will also be making some out of carbon fiber!!  Stay tuned for those!!  

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8 thoughts on “New product release from CIC…..”

  1. Thanks!! We are working on making it fit a 73 right now. As of now, they are bare fiberglass. We are experimenting with different wraps and chrome finishes.

  2. Good to know, if I wanted to order a complete kit with it done(chromed out and everything.) to fit a 73 do you think that would be possible in the future?

  3. Hi!

    I’m right now working on a 73 and want to convert front to look like -68 to 72 chrome version.

    Do you have any “bolt on” front cover (can’t find it on the fiberglass part here) that makes this possible?’

    I read a thread that you might have a version with the -73 grills and maybe one version that uses the 68-72 original grills etc.

    If yes, price please, do you send to Sweden?

    B Rgds!

  4. They bolt on similar to the factory ones. The main bumper bolts to the front headlight bar. You shouldn’t need a body shop for these.

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