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The Detroit Speed Inc. Electric Headlight Door Kit replaces the stock vacuum actuated system on all 1968-82 Corvettes. When installed, this kit operates the headlight doors more reliably, smoother and in sync than the stock vacuum system. The complicated, failure prone and bulky vacuum accessories can all be eliminated. Vehicles with large engine cams with low vacuum signals will also benefit from this system since they are electronically controlled.

The C3 Electric Headlight Kit uses current sensing technology to provide a system that needs no adjustment and is extremely safe. Detroit Speed has gone to great lengths to provide you with the highest quality, best engineered product available with the easiest installation with no permanent modification to your classic Corvette. This allows owners the option to return their vehicle back to its original configuration if desired, leaving no holes or spliced wires behind. Once installed, the control module will automatically actuate them when the headlamps are turned on/off.  By replacing the bulky vacuum system with the Detroit Speed electric headlight kit, you will also save almost 5 lbs. on some applications when comparing the total weight of each system. The kit comes complete with everything you need for installation including two electric actuators, a control module, harness, mounting brackets, and hardware.


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