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ISIS™ inCODE™ Programmer


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One of the best features of the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System is its ability to be configured to meet your exact needs. With the ISIS inCODE  programming module, updating your existing program is fast, efficient and simple.

The programming module does all of the work for you, removing the old configuration, installing the new revision and verifying the accuracy of the code. All in under 90 seconds.

The simple Windows based programming interface allows you to download your configuration directly to the MASTERCELL  input unit or POWERCELL control unit via a standard USB connection without the addition of external power sources.


Kit Includes

  • 1— inCODE Programming Module
  • 1— Programming header (works for both MASTERCELL
    input unit and POWERCELL control unit)
  • 1— USB cable
  • 1— RJ-11 line with dual male connectors


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