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ISIS™ inDASH MAX Dash Lighting Module


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The ISIS inDASH MAX Dash Lighting Controller is an expansion module to the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System that gives vehicle fabricators an easy way to control the indicators and illumination on their dash boards. This gives you a simple way to wire the turn-signal indicators, high-beam indicators and
gauge illumination, all from a simple module plugged into the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System.

inDASH MAX offers a better way to wire the indicators and illumination for your dash. Instead of splicing into your POWERCELL outputs to get the power for the lights, inDASH MAX gives you the flexibility to wire this locally, all from a compact module under the dash. Like the overall philosophy of the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System, put your control where you need it.

Commands are sent from the ISIS MASTERCELL to inDASH MAX to activate the LED’s or small incandescent bulbs in your gauge cluster. This gets you a very flexible system that is easy to expand and uses less wire than other solutions on the market. Commands are automatically sent from the MASTERCELL when the turn signals, high-beams or parking light switches are activated. The indicators are managed from within inDASH MAX.


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