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ISIS™ inVIRONMENT™ Vintage Air Controller


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To step up your level of control in your car, ISIS Power has developed the ISIS  inVIRONMENT Control Module. This is specifically engineered to give you complete control of the blend position, fan speed and temperature settings on your Vintage Air Gen-IV System. You now have complete freedom to control your heat and air-conditioning with the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System through your choice of buttons or switches. You also have the flexibility to control your Vintage Air Gen-IV through our ISIS inTOUCH MAX touch screen or our ISIS inTOUCH Mobile wireless interface. If you have a very specific look-and-feel for the switches in your car, and you want to keep that theme consistent for your heat & A/C controls, you can use any push buttons or toggle switches with inVIRONMENT. These inputs to the MASTERCELL can be used to increase and decrease the fan speed and temperature plus set the blend position. For a higher-end installation, you can control all of the heat & A/C settings right o% of our touch screen interfaces: inTOUCH MAX or inTOUCH Mobile. This allows you to completely eliminate the controls for the Vintage Air Gen-IV and simplify your dash. The ISIS inVIRONMENT control module interfaces directly with the controller on the Vintage Air Gen-IV evaporator unit. It plugs directly into their connectors to take commands from your switches or touch screen and control the heat & A/C settings. inVIRONMENT also plugs into the ISIS CAN network to easily pass commands from the MASTERCELL.

  • Kit Includes:
    • ISIS inVIRONMENT Vintage Air Module
    • ISIS CAN Harness
    • Harness to connect to the Vintage Air Gen IV
    • Detailed instruction manual



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