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ISIS™ Power Nitrous Oxide Control System


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The ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System has proven itself in a broad range of applications including military vehicles, off-highway equipment, emergency vehicles and utility trucks. In the racing market, our customers have wired cars for road racing, Baja, rally racing and drag racing with great success. We have taken our rock-solid base technology and expanded it to create the most flexible and simple Nitrous Oxide system on the market. Using our solid-state multiplexed technology, you can now deliver Nitrous Oxide to your car with ease.

The ISIS Nitrous Oxide system can either stand on its own or be an expansion to the existing ISIS system in your car. This offers you a completely integrated electrical system with all of the weight savings, simplicity and diagnostic capabilities of the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System.

Using our proprietary switch modules, you can easily wire in all of the switches required to control all aspects of your Nitrous Oxide system including line purge, bottle heaters, valve control and Nitrous Oxide arm. Additionally, we bring you a revolutionary way to control the timing of the different stages in your system. Using a simple knob and LED display, you can dial in the parameters of your system with ease. No hard to read DIP switches to flip with a magnifying glass. You can easily adjust your stage timing in the staging lane, with gloves on. Best of all, this control is simple to understand.

The ISIS Nitrous Oxide system can control up to 4-stages of Nitrous and fuel solenoids with an integrated Trans-Brake delay. You have the choice of running the first stage progressive or not. You can also choose whether the stages operate independently or stack on each other through the run.


Kit Includes

  • 1—ISIS™ MASTERCELL™ input unit
  • 1—ISIS™ POWERCELL™ control unit with 10 outputs
  • 1—Switch Panel with Rotary Dial and wire harness
  • 1—ISIS™ MASTERCELL™ A input harness
  • 1—ISIS™ MASTERCELL™ B Dummy Plug
  • 2—POWERCELL™ Output harnesses (A & B) with sealed connectors
  • 1—ISIS CAN cable
  • 1—ISIS CAN Terminator Resistor
  • 2—POWERCELL™ 8-AWG Power Cables
  • 1—POWERCELL™ Input Dummy Plug
  • 1—2-Position MEGA® Fuseholder
  • 1-4-AWG cable with ring terminals


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