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ISIS™ inDASH™ Dashboard Harness


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Connecting your dashboard instruments and switches to your ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System just got a whole lot easier. The inDASH dashboard wiring harness has everything you need to wire your dashboard switches and instruments to the MASTERCELL™ input unit. From the wires and terminals to heat shrink labels and ties to keep you wiring organized and intuitive we’ve tried to make the dashboard wiring process as simple as possible.

The best part about the inDASH harness is that all of the electrical dash connections can be connected or disconnected by unplugging just two headers. This means you don’t have to unplug every connection individually to remove your dash for trouble shooting or maintenance. Just two clicks and you’re done. Simple, Easy and Fast. Giving you more time to focus on what matters most, you’re vehicle build or restoration project.


Kit Includes

  • 12 ft (4 m) dash harness
  • 6 ft (2 m) dash harness
  • 27—Heat shrink labels
  • 2—Male headers
  • 2—Female headers
  • 50—Tie wraps
  • 60—#8 Ring terminals
  • 22—#10 Ring terminals
  • 60—Quick connect terminals
  • 27—Heat shrink labels
  • 20—Butt connectors
  • 10—Adhesive mount bases


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