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The QRT-R is the first seat to feature Sparco’s patented QRT ultra-light technology. This QRT Technology gives an unparalleled mechanical strength/weight ratio for fiberglass composite racing seats. QRT Technology gives an average weight savings of 7lbs (up to 10lbs +) per shell. The main benefit is that QRT-R seat approaches the weight of a carbon fiber seat at a price of a fiberglass seat. The QRT-R is the lightest “Medium/Large” size fiberglass seat,  the shell weighs only 9.9 lbs (15 lbs in full trim). The QRT-R has a unique CAD design that features a lower seating position that can fit a larger/taller driver with the exterior dimensions that can fit into smaller vehicles. The QRT-R is FIA approved.



•Lightest “Medium/Large” size fiberglass seat on the market

• Lower seating position that can fit taller/larger drivers

• Smaller outer dimensions for small vehicle fitment

•  QRT Technology gives an average weight savings of 7lbs per shell

• FIA approved


The Sparco QRT-R is the seat is we run in our ST2 race car. After switching from an MTI Rail and Sparco EVO to the QRT-R and Ultralow mount we gained almost 2″ in head room.  If you’re a long torso’d individual the QRT-R and our Ultralow mount is the perfect solution to your head room woes.

Before you purchase a seat, mount, and harness bar setup please take a moment to visit this link on Corvette Forum. This is a thread we created as a reference to see what seats people are installing in their Corvettes with various levels of success.  The Corvette has a very tight cockpit and you often don’t want to be the first person to try and install a seat in these cars that’s never been attempted before!

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