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Electric wiper door conversion using a complete “new” design!

Brand new AC Delco motors.  These are small, heavy duty and very efficient and no electrical internal
parts/modules to fail. Super smooth operation at the right speed.

Plug and play electrically, no wires to run to the wiper switch, no disassembly of
the dash-, no running wires to the interior. Plug in at the wiper motor under the
hood, connect two wires to the included waterproof switch, then connect power
and ground.

Motor tucks out of the way to the passenger side, no interference for just about
any sway. However, Factory AC cars ( using OEM condenser) will not fit.
Aftermarket AC systems – heater or heater delete are no issues.

Absolutely no modification required (except 68) to the firewall/actuator assembly.
Only simple hand tools required for installation -included is a special tool

Wires connect to OEM harness with no splicing/cutting.
Works correctly, just like the factory.  Turn on the wipers, the door goes up, turn
off the wipers, it goes down. To service, clean or in case of an emergency, you
can manually open the door by removing the heim joint, nothing to unbolt

Motor ,Bracket, wires and harness all made in the USA

All assembled in the USA

-AC Delco motor, Brand new with a powder coated back cover
-Bracket- 3/16“ thick one piece 5052 Aluminum powder coated gloss black
-Stainless Steel hardware
-Billet 6060 Aluminum arms
-Bosch Relay and Hella socket
-Delphi Waterproof Fuse Holder
-Waterproof roller switch mounted on a Stainless steel bracket
-Packard 56 removal tool
-Detailed installation Guide

1968 kit $380.00

1969-1972 kit $370.00

Please specify vehicle year when ordering so we can ensure you get the correct parts.


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