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ISIS™ inMOTION™ Motor Controller


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The inMOTION Control Unit brings a new level of control to the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System. The existing POWERCELL Control Units allow you to easily switch outputs on and off. The addition of inMOTION now allows you to control 5 outputs that need to be reversed. Things like window-lift motors, convertible tops and lock solenoids can be controlled just as easily as anything else in your car.

Using the same plug-and-play connectivity as the existing MASTERCELL and POWERCELL, inMOTION easily integrates into your existing system. Connect the power & ground harnesses, wire the outputs and connect the CAN cable. You’re up and running.

You get the same input flexibility as the standard system. Practically any switch can be connected to the MASTERCELL to control your motors, lock solenoids, convertible tops and sunroofs. You are not limited by having to use high-current switches with internal reversing schematics. You pick the switch that matches the overall design of your car.

The inMOTION cell brings a new level of intelligence to controlling reversed accessories. It learns the current profile of every motor or solenoid that it is connected to. If inMOTION detects an abnormal current draw, it can react to save you from damage due obstructions, damaged window regulators or binding mechanisms.


Kit Includes

  • 1—ISIS inMOTION control unit
  • 1—2 Output harnesses with sealed connectors
  • 2—ISIS CAN cable with sealed connectors on ends
  • 1—2 Power & Ground cables
  • 2—Dummy ISIS CAN connector
  • 1—Installation guide
  • 1—MEGAFuse Kit
  • 1—Ring Terminals for use with MEGAFuse kit
  • 1—Bag of Assorted Fuses


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