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ISIS™ inLIGHTEN™ LED Controller Module


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The ISIS™ inLIGHTEN™ LED Controller is an expansion module to the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System that gives vehicle fabricators an easy way to add LED lighting control to their vehicles.

From accent lighting to soothing ambient effects to high-energy pulsing atmospheres, inLIGHTEN gets you the control that you need. Your customers can get the professional board room look, that intimate environment for two or the party on wheels that they want, all from one module. Just like the rest of the ISIS Intelligent Multiplex System, the inLIGHTEN LED controller is designed for the toughest and harshest vehicle use. You can use it in a broad range of vehicles including limousines, executive vans, coaches and party busses.

The inLIGHTEN LED controller is designed for control of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). These can be discrete lights or strips of lights. You can control lights with individual colors or use inLIGHTEN to control RBG LEDs for a broad range of dimming, color and pattern effects. Following the multiplexed nature of ISIS, you place inLIGHTEN modules in your vehicle where you need them and connect them into the ISIS CAN network. Commands are sent from the ISIS MASTERCELL to inLIGHTEN to activate the lighting patterns. This gets you a very flexible system that is easy to expand and uses less wire than other solutions on the market. Plus you have complete flexibility in the types of inputs that you can use to control your LED lighting including a broad array of switches, radio interfaces, touch screens and mobile devices.


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