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The MASTERCELL Input Unit provides the system’s intelligence and distributes instructions to the POWERCELL Control Units via a CAN Bus connection cable. Each MASTERCELL can be connected to 50 different switch inputs and can manage up to sixteen separate POWERCELLs via the CAN Bus cable. The MASTERCELL can accept traditional wired inputs and/or a combination of ISIS Touch Screens, radio controlled Key Fobs, or Apple Wi-Fi products such as the iPhone or iPad. Additional MASTERCELLs can be added to increase the overall number of inputs and outputs of the system. The MASTERCELL can be shipped from ISIS, pre-programmed and ready to install or it can be pulled from the shelf and programmed immediately prior to installation using the inCODE programming module connected to a laptop. The ability to reprogram MASTERCELL’s after installation increases the flexibility to implement changes to an entire fleet or add functionality to a single vehicle. The MASTERCELL also has extremely robust diagnostic capabilities that help reduce installation time and increase serviceability in the field.


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